Why use Aeroscan M5?

Aeroscan M5 Propeller Blade Measurement System saves time when compared to manual blade measurement.

Accurate and Repeatable

Aeroscan M5 has proven repeatability and accuracy. The benefit of repeatable accurate measurements removes the human factor allowing for more consistent results.

Save Time & Money

Compared with manual measurements, the time saved when using Aeroscan saves money. The time saved can be used for more profitable tasks and the propellers can be returned to service far faster.


The Aeroscan M5 Precision Blade Measurement System has been under constant development since 2012. This means that the Aeroscan M5 will continue to improve making it even easier and more accurate in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Aeroscan M5 machine measurement results be used to put a blade back in service?

The Aeroscan M5 machine is a tool just like any other. It is the operator’s responsibility to evaluate the Aeroscan M5 results and make a decision to either reject the blade or to accept the blade as serviceable. Periodically a ‘master’ blade is measured to insure that the Aeroscan M5 machine is returning accurate results. In this way the machine can be trusted to provide accurate measurement results.

Why should I use a propeller repair center that has an Aeroscan M5 machine?

Shops that use the Aeroscan M5 machine tend to be very accurate in their approach to overhauling aircraft propellers. The use of the Aeroscan M5 machine is an indication of this because this is a tool which requires careful calibration. Shops who have invested in an Aeroscan M5 machine show that they are very proud of their ability to perform the precision work necessary to return a aircraft components to service.

Will the Aeroscan M5 machine help me get my propeller overhauled faster?

Yes!!! The time it takes to overhaul a propeller is based on many factors. These include reconditioning the blade to remove imperfections through several machining processes. Propeller blades must be measured before and after these processes to insure they will still meet the manufacturer’s minimum specifications. Using traditional measurement methods can take up to an hour or more per blade each time the blade must be measured. The Aeroscan M5 machine reduces this time significantly. Most blades can be measured in less than five minutes. For example, let’s consider a four-bladed turbo propeller. If each blade must be measured manually and if each takes about an hour per blade, the total is four hours before rework and then another four hours after rework for a total of about eight hours. With the Aeroscan M5 machine, the entire process of both before and after rework scans can be reduced to forty minutes or less, saving more than seven hours.

Have propeller manufacturers approved this machine for use?

Yes, both McCauley and Hartzell have accepted the latest version of the Aeroscan M5 machine as a viable tool to return blades to services. The manufacturers have endorsed the Aeroscan M5 machine and one actually owns an Aeroscan M5 machine for use in their partner repair center.

Does the Aeroscan M5 machine measure propeller blades more accurately than a technician using traditional measuring methods?

Yes, because the measurement is the same every time. The Aeroscan M5 machine is just that, a machine. It produces accurate results every time. A technician can produce accurate results but requires far more time to set up for each station and measure the five dimensions on each station. If however the technician is rushed and isn’t very careful then the measurements can be inaccurate or inconsistent. So, does the Aeroscan M5 machine produce more accurate results than a technician? Overall, yes, because the Aeroscan M5 machine produces the same accurate results over and over again. The major advantage of using an Aeroscan M5 machine is that it will quickly produce accurate results time and time again.

How does the operator ensure that the Aeroscan M5 machine is producing accurate results?

The Aeroscan M5 machine, like many other calibrated tools, is calibrated once a year or more if necessary. This calibration ensures that the machine is set up properly and will result in accurate measurements when scanning the airfoil of the propeller blade. The lasers are calibrated each time the machine is initialized.  This results in consistent and accurate laser measurements. Additionally, the operator scans a ‘master blade’ at the beginning and end of each blade measurement session. This master blade is one which has been measured very carefully and accurately using traditional methods. When the master blade is scanned using the Aeroscan M5 machine, the results are compared with the last master blade measurement data. If there is any inconsistencies in the scanned results, the machine calibrations are adjusted to insure that the Aeroscan M5 machine produces accurate results every time.

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Has the FAA evaluated and approved the Aeroscan M5 machine for use in the service of propellers?

Yes. The FAA has evaluated the Aeroscan M5 machine and has approved it as an acceptable tool for measuring the airfoil of propeller blades. Here are excerpts:

The Aeroscan M5 program is a computer-controlled tool that can be used to accurately measure complex aircraft propeller blade configurations. This measurement can be used to comply with requirements and limits set in the manufacturer's maintenance manual.

The Chicago ACO witnessed a test of the calibration and operation of the Aeroscan M5 tool in accordance with Revision C to the Aeroscan M5 Operations Manual at Aircraft Propeller Service, Inc. The testing performed was successful and showed the program evaluating a number of blade stations in order to determine that the blade met the dimensional requirements called out in the propeller maintenance manual.


Aeroscan is currently in development to offer a machine which will measure the 7111 and 7121 blades used on the C130 aircraft. We are also happy to announce its partnership with PPI Technical Services LLC.

PPI Technical Services LLC and Aeroscan have entered into a distribution agreement allowing PPI Technical LLC will distribute the Aeroscan M5 worldwide. While PPI Technical Services LLC may focus on offering the C130 blade version they may also offer the general aviation version of the Aeroscan M5 internationally.

Aeroscan is excited to be able to work with such a professional organization as PPI Technical Services LLC. We look forward to our mutual success.

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